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Hi, I'm Shana Whitmarsh. I'm an expert consultant who builds successful brands and e-commerce stores.

Shana Whitmarsh's Bio:

Shana is a master designer and developer and patented inventor who builds successful e-commerce stores and web presences that have generated millions of dollars in client revenue. She's an entrepreneur and inventor of the UAV Defense System (U.S. Patent No. 11,022,407, issued June 1, 2021) and has three additional Patents-pending. Her digital agency, Chromacor, brings profit, vitality and color to online businesses with highly unique and vivid visual branding and engaging online experiences that translate to more sales, better brand traction and improved search visibility for clients in diverse industries including health and wellness, food, entertainment, nightlife, fashion, beauty, automotive, hardware, action sports, camping and outdoor. In past positions, Shana has designed and built online reservations systems, video websites and online video magazines including the first women’s online video surf magazine, She Rips. At Rawswell, she launched the first automated online content management system that published and indexed a weekly newspaper in SEO-friendly format before "CMS" became an industry term. The online newspaper won the New England Publishing Association (NENPA) Best Newspaper Website for a Combined Weekly Newspaper two years in a row. Shana is easy to talk to and approachable, her ability to merge technical and creative concepts and terminology creates better group dynamics. As a visual thinker who is familiar with technology frameworks, she refines, tests and proves concepts to fit business objectives within specifications and budgets to produce work that people love to use. She's also known for saving money and months of development time for clients with concise technical project specifications and ROI roadmaps for custom software development projects.

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Interests and Activities Shana belives technology should be enjoyable and fun to use. At work, she's passionate about creating ways for businesses to grow by reaching wider audiences and create better customer relationships. Beyond work, she enjoys painting, surfing, drawing, inventing new technologies, photography and writing. She has been a San Diego Ad Club member and has volunteered on the Ad Club Ad Auction committee and Special Olympics fundraising. Shana's specialties are: visual branding, product design, front-end design and branding for e-commerce and online business, user experience design, digital and traditional marketing, research and writing for technical specifications, business intelligence, and brand communications. Connect with Shana on LinkedIN. 

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